For the Love of Dance

Dress Requirements

You will dance as you have dressed. Your attire sets the tone for how you will dance.

To make accurate technical corrections, the teacher must be able to view the student clearly without the obstruction of extra garments. Sloppy attire encourages sloppy performance. Dress beautifully and the dancing will follow.

Mommy & Me Dance – Comfortable clothing, either ballet slippers or bare feet.

Tiny Tots and Kinderdancing – Leotard and pink tights. Pink leather ballet slippers, black tap shoes. Tap shoe ribbons must be replaced with elastics. This is a fun class, so ballet skirts and hand-me-down costumes are welcome.

Ballet & Tap - Black leotard and pink tights. Pink leather ballet slippers, black tap shoes.

Trio - Black leotard and pink tights. Pink leather ballet slippers and black tap shoes.

Classical Ballet and Pre-Pointe Classes - Black leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet slippers.

Classical Pointe - Black leotard, pink tights, black chiffon wrap skirt (optional), pointe shoes and pink leather ballet slippers.

Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Musical Theater - Any solid color leotard, tan or black convertible tights (for warm-up and barefoot work) or black jazz pants, tan lace-up leather jazz shoes. Black lace-up, low-heeled tap shoes. Lyrical students must have tan sandalsoles or foot undies. All advanced level jazz classes must have tan 1-1/2" heeled musical theater/character shoes.

Hip Hop – Comfortable clothing or dance attire, athletic shoes or dance sneakers with non-marking and clean soles.

Boys - White T-shirt; well-fitted, black tights, jazz pants or shorts (dance belt for boys 12 and older); black or white ballet slippers, black jazz or tap shoes.

Hair for all classes must be pulled back and secured off the neck. This enables the instructor to see the line of the student’s body from the head down. Ballet students are required to wear a bun.

Additional Notes

  • No jewelry (except for small earrings) is to be worn to class, rehearsals, or performances.
  • Appropriate dance shoes must be worn in class. Ballet and jazz cannot be executed properly in bare feet or tights. Elastic is to be on all ballet shoes, and all jazz shoes should be tied in double-knots.
  • Warm-ups may be worn during barre/warm-up at the teacher’s discretion. Please check with your teacher for their policy on warm-ups.