Note: Classes in gray are taught by outside instructors. They are listed only for convenience.

Class Descriptions

Mommy and Me - Ages 2-3, one hour. A chance to stretch and dance with your little one. Dads and grandparents are welcome as well.

Tiny Tots - Ages 3-4, one hour. Pre-ballet and tap, using activity songs and exercises that teach dance terminology; basic rhythm patterns and self-expression; and an introduction to classical music. The class focus is on the development of coordination, concentration, listening skills and self confidence; for learning teamwork, cooperation and positive interaction. The classes are structured and paced for the young learner in a loving, nurturing environment. A fun introduction to the joy of dance.

Kinderdancing - Ages 5-6, one hour. Introduction to ballet and tap. Focusing on the development of coordination, self-expression, listening skills, concentration, memory and self-confidence through dance activities that are specific in their objectives and fun. The class stimulates physical, emotional and intellectual growth and a beginning appreciation of classical music as well as fostering social skills in a loving environment that exemplifies the joy of dance.

Ballet and Tap - Ages 6-8, one hour. A foundation class of beginning techniques and applications of both forms of dance. This stimulating environment fosters a love and appreciation of the performing arts while experiencing physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth. Classical French terminology is taught in all ballet classes.

Intermediate Ballet - Ages 9-14, one hour. Intermediate level of classical ballet, incorporating barre exercises, center floor technique and combinations, adagio, allegro, jumps and turns.

Trio - Ages 7-8 (must be in at least 2nd grade), one-and-one-half hours. An introduction to jazz, along with the appropriate level of ballet and tap study. Ballet and a tap routine will be performed in the spring show.

Classical Ballet - Ages 10-Adult, one-and-one-half hours. Barre exercises, center floor technique and combinations, adagio, allegro, jumps and turns.

Classical Pre-Pointe Level I & II - Ages 10-Adult, one-and-one-half hours. Eligible students must have at least three years of ballet training. Class consists of strengthening and preparation for pointe study.

Classical Pointe - Ages 11-Adult, one-and-one-half hours. By recommendation of the faculty. Proper physical qualifications, emotional maturity, and at least three consecutive years of ballet training are required. For the disciplined and highly motivated student.

Advanced Pointe - Ages 15-Adult, one-and-one-half hours. For advanced Classical Pointe students only, by recommendation of the faculty.

Jazz and Tap Level I & II - Ages 9-Adult, one-and-one-half hours. Studies of all styles and techniques of jazz, incorporating jazz stretches, exercises, jumps, turns, progressions and combinations. Tap segment of the class includes rhythmic analysis, styles and techniques of vintage tap to the current forms. Class is divided into 30 minutes each of stretching, jazz technique and tap technique. The knowledge of tap dance, and the sense of musicality it develops, is essential for all musical theater and jazz performance.

Jazz, Tap and Lyrical - Ages 11-13, 14-Adult, two hours. Offered only to third-year jazz students and advanced levels. Because lyrical style jazz has its roots in ballet, the simultaneous study of ballet is strongly recommended for this class.

Hip Hop - Minimum age 8 yrs - one hour. This Jammin' jazz class incorporates the latest high energy street-style moves. Class begins with a jazz warm-up.

Teen/Adult Jazz - Ages 13-Adult - one hour. A beginner to intermediate level class that will get you moving and in shape. This fun and energized class offers stretch and jazz progressions.

Teen/Adult Ballet - Ages 13-Adult - one-and-one-half hours. A beginner to intermediate level class in classical ballet, incorporating barre exercises, center floor technique, combinations, adagio, allegro, jumps and turns.

Teen/Adult Tap - Ages 13-Adult - one hour. A beginner to intermediate level class in tap, with fun routines and upbeat music.

Teen/Adult Hip Hop - Ages 13-Adult - one hour. A beginner to intermediate level class incorporating the latest in hip hop.

Musical Theatre - Ages 8-Adult - one hour. Students learn basic dance steps and singing techniques to prepare for musical theatre auditions.

The following classes are taught at the studio by outside instructors and are not affiliated with For the Love of Dance.

Zumba with Nazli - one hour. Contact Nazli Eskandanian (650-814-4906) for details or visit

Bhangra Empire - one hour. Send e-mail for details.